Cathedral Bell on Display at Convention Centre

A bell has arrived at the Cathedral. Hard to miss, no doubt you noticed it on your way in through the narthex. This bell was displayed on April 11 at the 2016 Vancouver Board of Trade Governor’s Banquet at the Vancouver Convention Centre honouring David Podmore for his support of community organizations. David is a strong community supporter of the current Raise the Roof project. He has provided wise counsel and support on the roof and bell spire, and on fundraising in the community. David was instrumental in promoting the bell spire and the lead $2.5 million gift from the Jack and Darlene Poole Foundation. Peter was privileged to provide a testimonial at the induction for David. It was also an opportunity to display the bell and some glass panels to a broad cross section of current and potential Vancouver area community supporters.

This bell is the smallest of the four bells, and it will be the top bell in the spire.. The tuning note is A3 (220 Hz, below middle C), the top note of the four bell set A3,G3,F3,C3, cast and tuned to play the Westminster Chime.. The bell is made of a bronze alloy of 79% copper and 21% tin, cast by the lost wax technique, and together with its yoke and wheel weighs about 1300 lbs. (The largest C bell weighs in at 5500 lbs. or 2.75 tons.) The inscription on this bell is “Open Doors”, the first phrase in the Cathedral’s motto, and is complemented by the Cathedral logo, and adorned by a frieze of maple leaves. The four bells were cast in April 2015 at the Paccard Foundry in Annecy France by Philippe and Cyril Paccard, seventh generation bell casters of the 220 year old Paccard bell foundry family.

Also on display in the Narthex are two of the stained glass panels for the spire.

From time to time, the bell and glass may be displayed in the foyers of nearby office buildings and hotels before installation into the spire in August.