Budget & Timeline

The projected cost for this final phase of Cathedral Restoration and Renewal is $7.5 million:

Construction Roof $3,100,000
Spire and Bells $1,500,000
Kitchen $600,000
Total Hard Construction $5,200,000
Contingencies $600,000
Design and Permits $700,000
Taxes, Permits, Administration $700,000
Relocation Costs $300,000
Total Project Cost $7,500,000

Construction will begin the day after Easter 2015, and work is projected to be complete in time for the Cathedral to re-open at Christmas this year.

NOTE: The Cathedral has an exceptional track record of managing restoration and renewal projects. Any excess capital realized through prudent project management will be dedicated to the Cathedral’s Heritage Building Fund, to be held in reserve for the inevitable future costs of maintaining an aged building and upgrading infrastructure as and when this is required.