Raise the Roof

The Cathedral’s current roof, made of a composite material with asbestos as a binding agent, was installed about 30 years ago and guaranteed for 50 years. The company that constructed it is no longer in business. The roof has attracted the growth of moss, and the roots of the moss have penetrated the shingles. This has de-stabilized them, and allowed Vancouver’s rainfall to breach the roof. It is now urgent that we replace the roof.

The roof replacement project must include the following:

  • Protective coverings for the entire Cathedral building, interior ceiling and pipe organ
  • Placement of a steel frame within the roof structure to tie in with former seismic upgrades
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation to reduce heating/cooling costs and improve sound quality
  • Fire protection sprinklers in the chancel area
  • Safe removal and disposal of the existing roof shingles (asbestos remediation)
  • Construction of a zinc standing seam roof, which will last more than 100 years